About SBS

SBS zipper factory was established in 1984 in China.

In the following years, it has expanded its power and scope by establishing new production facilities in the world. Today SBS exports to over 80 countries worldwide.

SBS products are confidently used in all countries and preferred due to their superior quality. Today SBS zippers are supplied to Adidas, Only, Kappa, Puma, C&A, Nike, GAP, Regatta, Fila, Jako, Samsonite, Decathlon, H&M and other well known brands.

Since 1999, NCS Tekstil Sanayi ve Dis Ticaret is in charge of importing and marketing of the SBS zippers in Turkey.

We serve our customers rapidly by keeping ready stocks in many different kinds. You can search the ready products range from our SBS zippers page.

Please contact us for your special orders.

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NCS Textile Industry and Foreign Trade Inc.